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Saturday, September 22, 2012

When One Dies....

When one dies
Languages cease
We hear the crickets in the twilight
The audit of miscalculations begin
We set out on a futile journey through hypothetical trails

When one dies
the parallel paths end on the tied toes
words of solace go out of sight and the way looks deserted
at distance the tree tops look like masked time watchers

When one dies
a poem gets deconstructed
a book reaches the reader
an open ended novel gets multiple interpretations
a horoscope loses its business scope

When one dies
a mere bubble gets silently dissolved into a vast lake

When one dies, perhaps,
a turd by the road goes dry and is lost in the soil.        .... by Santhosh Kumar Kana       

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mathrubhumi YATHRA-YODHA and Nepal travelogue

Here is my travelogue in Malayalam published in the Mathrubhumi exclusive travelogue magazine YATHRA. My journey through Nepal and the miraculous discovery of the Malayalam film YODHA child artist SIDDHARTHA LAMA(Rimpoche):

-Santhosh Kumar Kana

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If Tears could....

If tears could beget peace
Shed them
If tears could melt the brute
Shed them
If tears could erase boundaries
Shed them
If tears could cleanse you
Shed them

The hand that holds you takes the feet ahead
Come out afresh, alive and clear
The remnants of a receding oasis
An extinct sensitivity
The saline flavor of humanity
The warmth of love
Shed them
They come through the eyes
But belong to the being
The tears that fall on the words on a page burn the words
Words are not from dictionary
They are the waves of sensitivity around and available to the sensitive

Shed all that hold your tears
Shed tears 
                                                                                  -by Santhosh Kumar Kana