My Strength

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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Words are birds perched on the leafless, lonely branch
Words are nested birds
A single stone can stir the nest
Go up and see
There are many birds to take wings
Words beat their wings on the sky and spread
                                        --Santhosh Kumar Kana

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Like that most special room which you can't demolish
while you renovate your house,
Grandpa's big torch on my bed,
The unbeatable architecture of my ancestral home,
The evergreen old melodies I can't resist,
The magic recipe of my grandma's cuisine,
Last monsoon when it rained scary whole night 
you saved me by connecting me to my old parents far off
when everything else drained and died.
Your immortal back up!!! Wow!!

I owe a lot to you, Nokia
Be with me, be with us, take care of us.

                                                              ---Santhosh Kumar Kana