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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Farewell speech

Santhosh Kumar Kana

A warm good after noon to the outgoing students of class XII Science and Commerce.
Good afternoon respected Principal Sir, dear colleagues and my beloved students,

There is a famous saying,
“We can’t change people, but we can make them feel the
need for change”
One more academic session is drawing to a close and we are here in this grand function to release one more flock of birds with multi-hued feathers into the vast world of competition, career, and family life and so on.

I am happy that I had the good opportunity to teach this batch from Class XI itself. The two years’ time spent with them, I hope, has been fruitful for them. I too have enjoyed and enriched my knowledge in interacting with a group of intelligent, artistic and philosophical students.

I had students in this batch who wrote down in a copy every new phrase/word that dropped from my mouth, students who maintained a diary with the new thoughts received from teachers, students who found their creative muse in the things around, students who gave memorable moments of fun and humor, those who really touched our hearts, those who had great leadership qualities, those who shared their personal problems with me. I can go on. Let me tell you each and every student sitting here has left an indelible impression in our minds.

You have been a lucky batch since you had teachers for all subjects, teachers who had spared all their time and energy in giving their best, emotionally and intellectually. You must not forget the contribution of all the teachers who at some stage or other of your school life gave their best.

You are very fortunate to have a Principal who is your ardent well-wisher, someone who spares no efforts in giving you the best and seeing you at your best.

I hope you all have made use of your time in the school effectively. Remember the day you stood at the threshold of school education with your parents and now the time has come to hand you over back to the parents after a brief but significant stint of training with us. In this brief period, we have been your parents. There are teachers who have seen you grow up from that little child at the threshold to this day.

You must not leave the school with regret that you could not do your best. Still there is time. It is a word of caution to the next batch too. On behalf of all the staff members of KVD parivar and on my personal belief, I wish you all the best in life and in the ensuing Board examination.

Be happy and spread happiness.

Don’t fall prey to negative thoughts and elements.

We are eagerly waiting to see your immediate tribute to the alma-mater in the form of your performance in the examination.

Improvement, as you all know, starts with the letter “I”. So you can, you alone can do it. Explore your potentials to the extremes and come out in flying colors.

“Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
Till you find your dream”.

Fare well in life.
Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

This speech is awesome n it doesn't at all seems fictitious.....
This speech was exactly what I needed..Thanx..!

Anonymous said...

This speech was awesome n it doesn't at all seemed fictitious..!

Mrs.Geetha Ram said...

This is what exactly I want. Thank u Sir.

BABURAO said...

this speech is awesome sir thank u

Preeti Sharma said...

Excellent wordings

sukrati khedekar said...

excellent speech.....

my Anmol academy gurgaon said...

Good one

my Anmol academy gurgaon said...

Nice line .good one .for a better tomorrow for students s .

prince dhand said...

wt a nyc speech... this what i need...
thnx a lot

Srinivas Vandhanapu said...

good speech

Unknown said...

A very good speech.This is what I wanted