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Monday, September 21, 2009

with Lohitadas at Ottappalam in 2008

We(myself, my parents,brother,sister-in-law and brother-in-law) stopped at a restaurant in Ottappalam for lunch after visiting some of the famous film locations. After having lunch while coming down to ground floor, my eyes fell on a bearded figure sitting at a table relishing fish fry, simultaneously conversing over mobile. My excitement broke all social barriers and i shouted loudly:LOHITADAS!!!! With shyness and awe i went towards him, stood for a while. Noticing Respecting my presence, he ended the phone call saying: " i will call you back". He gestured me to sit and asked: "Yes, tell me.." I was lost for words. Still i introduced myself and told him how much i liked his films and writings. My brother-in-law was capturing this wonderful meeting with a legend. I told the great writer, "sir, i have written a script for a film. But.." He motivated at once, "then..why don't you go ahead?" i replied,"sir, i don't know the techniques of films and script writing".

Then came out those great words from him which i cherish like a treasure:
"All the techniques are inside us. Go ahead"

I got up thanking him and wishing him the best in future. I was so surprised and awe-struck that i didn't have the guts to ask him his mobile number.

He is a rare writer or a real writer. His body language itself speaks clarity of perception like that of a good teacher or a yogi.

I can't accept that he is physically absent even today. May his soul rest in peace.



vinni said...

Ilike the way you said 'physically absent'.some people never go away

Anand kumar said...

if you feel you can find.
so dont stop felling the feels.

Justin said...

A great artist! They will live in our hearts for ever.

Nice write-up.