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Saturday, December 3, 2011

YODHA-2 my journey continues

After discovering Siddharth, our Unnikutan, i continued my search for more locations and people associated with the movie.

Do you remember the scene where Unnikutan gets kidnapped near a bridge?

I could make it to that place:

the bridge is closed now and a new one has been built adjacent to it. 

YODHA has left deep visual imprints in our mind for the excellent cinematography by Santosh Sivan. Bhaktapur, Patan, Boudhanath..... all received an extra mystical effect on screen.
The song "Kunu Kune...":
My journey to the locations of the song:

my visit to Bhaktapur:
The men after Unnikutan:
these are the locations where he is chased by them:

i met Unnikutan and his father a couple of days back:
His father, Sri Yubaraj Lama said,
"Santhosh, like a Yogi you have gone deep into every aspect of the movie YODHA".

My journey continues......


Justin said...

That is just wonderful with newly added photos. Keep reminding me, my love days! Thank you so much Santhosh.

mayarajesh said...

gud job sir,i loved it.

Praveen Gopinath said...

Yodha was in my mind, when I visited nepal 2 yrs back. nice work, santhosh

Rajagopal said...

Great effort sir ! Definitely there will be many more ! Keep going. All the best !