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Saturday, February 18, 2012


-An unforgettable rafting experience on Trishuli River
27th October, 2011. Morning 7.00 am.
As per our plan we all met in front of KV, Kathmandu gate and called the vehicle there to pick us. We were Sixteen in the group and all of us were very excited about the Rafting trip. At about 10.30 a.m., we reached our destination. It was a bright sunny day and a perfect day for rafting. As we reached, we rushed to the shore of Trishuli river. 

Like the waves in the river, our excitement rose. The guide gave us the necessary instruction and equipments(life jacket, helmet, paddle). He told us how to row, how to sit, how to pull if some one falls off the raft and he told us the way which we were going to follow. All the instructions came to us like a brainstorm; there was hardly any time to understand what we were supposed to do.

Here, I would like to tell you about some technical jargons used for communication while rafting. There were Four rapids that were included in our 13 kms. and 3 hours. Rafting. Well, a RAPID is basically a place in a river where you get the most turbulent and perfect waves for rafting. Rapid Four was the toughest for us. After the briefing by the guide, we were made into two groups each having eight members. The water was quite cold and our fearful yet exciting journey started.

                                                            Samal Sir and Santhosh Sir

As we approached the first Rapid full of high and turbulent wave, the fear within increased and within a moment we defeated the wave. After some time we reached a place where the water was quite calm. Suddenly we heard our guide saying, “Those who want to swim can jump into the river”. Within a split of a second I looked at Santhosh Kana sir and he looked at me and I found him on the edge of the raft. Rather than diving, he took a somersault and went deep into the river. After watching Santhosh sir surfacing safely, all my fear got converted into confidence (real life lesson, sir). 

I looked at my mother and before she could say “No” to me, I plunged into the river. Suddenly I realized that I was going deep and deep into the river, somehow, I managed to come out safely and I was pulled into the raft back. At this point of time, I actually felt what the author of the lesson DEEP WATER, prescribed for us in our English textbook, would have felt when he was thrown into a swimming pool. 

Filled with confidence and thrill, we rowed further and conquered our next two Rapids, viz. Lady Delight and Surprise. Now we were heading towards the most difficult and dangerous Rapid, Rapid four named Upset One, Upset Two and Monsoon. Because we had small children with us, we decided not to take Rapid Upset One which was long, difficult and dangerous. We came close to the shore, got out of the raft and walked up the hill to reach the smooth water. Walking up the hill and descending to the shore through rocky and thorny paths was no less than walking back in time. The guides were waiting with the rafts on the shore. We continued our journey through the smooth water and reached our destination.

I came to know the meaning of the words Thrill, Adventure and Fun, not from a dictionary but from real experience. I lived and felt those words.
I would advise each one of you to feel the thrill of water and experience river rafting but be safe.
                                 -Parth Upadhyay, Class-XII, KV, Kathmandu. 


Rajagopal said...

Dare devils !

Rahul Gupta said...

Great one !Parth..

Hardik Bothra said...

I never thought, you could write so well parth, just amazing. Finally got to know that you are so much talented in some other field rather than cricket. Hats off

Aditya Nehru said...

Brilliant writing!

Eldtho Mathew said...

Nice students, nicer teacher.