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Saturday, July 21, 2012

EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL movie from K.V.Kathmandu

Kindly click on the links below to watch a short film directed by me based on the short story EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL by Colin Dexter:
Trailer of the movie:

The whole movie was shot at Kathmandu, Nepal in July, 2012. The first screening for the students and staff was held on 20th July, Friday, 2012.
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Hardik Bothra said...

Evans eventually surprised me to the extent I would have never thought of. A lesson which thrilled me so much, was even the more thrilling when I saw it visually. It is said that Initiative is a trait of an Intelligent person, this trait flows in the blood of our English teacher, Mr. Santhosh Kumar Kana, and all the students who had been a part of this movie. If I were to be a critic. This movie is a 5 star for me. A must watch