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Saturday, August 18, 2012


The frozen message in the eyes of a goat at the butcher’s
The rain drops on the beak of a dead bird
The cry of a half fed baby in a brothel
The veiled wail of a martyr’s young half
The fear in the eyes of a girl of the cruel stares
And the dangerous snares
The wait in the eyes of the bedridden
And the baby at the door for the working mother
Song of the blind by the sidewalk
The sad tale of a printed mishap on passengers' lap
The mystery of a sudden exit
The lewd, inviting gestures of a housewife whose husband slogs day and night
The bruises of domestic violence 
And her smoky, choking chores
The complacent smile of a lauded poet
The greedy hospitality of a desperate sycophant
The pathetic servility of a hapless labourer
The empty verbal revolutions
There is nothing sadder than the face of a grazing cow
I can’t bear it any more
Enough is enough
--by Santhosh Kumar Kana


asim prasad said...

the piece clearly depicts the sensitivity of the poet

Vandana said...

the incessant crying of a baby next door,
furious fighting between dogs on the road,
intense words between a man and a woman in spirited state,
does it also make you say,
enough is enough?

Hardik Bothra said...

best poem i have ever read. I have no words for it. Enough is enough sir, your poems are just too good :P

Shraddha Gautam said...

wowww .. one of the best among ur collection.... love the style of the poem ..

Bhaskaran said...

It is not enough. I wish to have more such creations from you.