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Thursday, October 25, 2012


The diversity of imperfection is the poet
The monotony of sameness is the saint
Poet, the flickering flame of hope
Saint, the tedium of contentment
Poet is human, he is movement
Saint is static
Poet the surging waves
Saint the calmness of the mid sea
The gush of curiosity is the poet
The lethargy of the known is the saint
Poet is the melody of discordance
Saint is the boredom of accord
The seasonal fluctuations is the poet
The termite stricken uniformity is the saint

The human scent of perspiration is the poet
Saint is the suffocation of the incense
Poet is growth and evolution
Saint is dry philosophy
Poet is a gamut of formulas gone wrong
The dreariness of single formula is the saint
Poet reaps the grains of questions
Saint crushes them in apathetic meditation
The poet need not be saint
The saint shouldn’t lose his poetry .   
                                                                                      –by Santhosh Kumar Kana


Avantika jhunjhunwala said...

WOW!!! I'm totally in favor of the poet now! It feels great to be having the pleasure of reading such a great poet's poems!

Hardik Bothra said...

A poet has divine power in his words and more in his ideas! Amazingly written, Now I am curious to know how this idea came to you!! AWESOME :)

asim prasad said...