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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Love is perfect accord
Children crossed through my bridge
Grew on your banks
Love is desperation to return to the source, to penetrate into the source
And fall back in despair like a failed climber

I walked along the ivories of your thighs to the source
Drank your nectar
Heaves of Dynamic meditation of our orgasm
The woods in me welcomed me to the woods

We split like continents
We look each other from the banks
The mediterraneans and the atlantics between us

I rubbed fire out of your body
My ancient wisdom
And it consumed us
In the rustle of the bamboo groves I miss u
Our union
Our purest fire
Nothing is known save through the body
The leaves sprouted from our nodes
On the wet turf I miss my source

 Your hills beckon me
What is worn is worn out
Our heads fill our shoulders in our embrace
I hear the rustle as we press each other
We go back to the wild innocence
Let us sit by the giggling brooks
Come, let us go wild
To the source!
                                                           ---by Santhosh Kumar Kana

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