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Monday, June 11, 2012


A woman is like a lake
With deep undercurrents
She is a wrapped gift for many
Clothes, the wrappers!!!

A woman is a question
No, thousands of questions

A woman is an experiment
And not its object

A woman for many is a mere “bearer”
And not a strong union

A woman’s body is a battlefield
Where much war frenzy bit the dust
Many tall talks crashed

A woman is a witness,
To a failed revolutionary
To a renounced holy man
To the wavering minds
To ideological boomerangs

The smile that welcomed the moustache babies on their exhausted return!
                                                                                                     -Santhosh Kumar Kana
(first written by me in Malayalam and published in a monthly from Kerala, STHREESABDAM, in 2008 titled STHREE. Here is my english translation of it)


Rajagopal said...

Enjoyed reading the poem. Wish I could have read in the original form! Best wishes.

Rajagopal said...

Nice poem. Wish I could have read it in original !

Asim Krishna Prasad said...

we really really need to respect the "home makers" ... very nice and multi dimensional poem

Rojee said...

and Being a woman is a terribly difficult task...

Leena Madan said...

A fantabulous poem...
Never knew you write such wonderful poems...
I should read the original one in Malayalam.
Send it to me when time permits.
Great going SANTOSH ss

Leena Madan said...

Great poem santosh..........

Would love to read the original one in Malayalam

Send it when time permits.

Shraddha Gautam said...

"A woman is an experimentAnd not its object" An excepti

onal composition with deep insights ... gr8 work sir ... enjoyed reading it :) it reminded me of yin n yang :P

Sarala Dhanraj said...

A true depiction of the essential of womanhood...a great read send or upload your malayalam original version. ..