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Saturday, December 15, 2012


The most painful moment is the silence,
the void after the waving hand is unseen

The heaviness of a bated breath, the takeoff moment

The choked words in the throat

I am like an unclaimed child at this carnival of meeting and parting

I am talked about but my voice is unheard

Left alone I feel the turbulence of a rough weather

The giddiness of an imbalance

You are the wind beneath my wings

I am an unidentified baggage on the belt

I don’t see anything, it is all a reel

Hold me, hug me, and take me into your womb of security

The paradise I lost.         
                                                                            - by Santhosh Kumar Kana
(the seed of this thought was sown when i heard an announcement at Terminal 3, New Delhi about a child found unaccompanied. The seed grew later when i felt the pangs of separation at various moments)


pattupetti 2011 said...

I am so lucky, coz posting the first comment for this wonderful poem.

Really touching...

Santhosh ji, amazing. Keep writing.

pattupetti 2011 said...

I am so proud to post first comment here.

Simply Great. Keep posting.

pattupetti 2011 said...

I am the luckiest person to post the first comment in Somatmika Blog.

Wonderful Work.

Keep writing more and more. Could have posted some more Photos under captions.

God bless.