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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Indelible "You"

Why do I feel you like the flutter of wings here near the palace?
You are like an inexhaustible creative sack I stab every time and come out with the best

On one of these evening walks, one gathers wings, the past bites you like the chill
one is defeated and at times resurrected.

Somewhere through these pains and pining, I look for you like the bright sunshine you have always been.

Will you be at the end of the tether??
Let me hit the bottom and come out cleansed.

My heart skips for you
I feel you when the rain smells fresh and crisp

I feel you when i see the mustard blooms in my backyard

We will always cherish each other like  beautiful memoirs known only to those who wrote them.

When meaning slips off words like an alcoholic, I won't say anything more.

Even if I fail to matter to you ever,
I would still be in love with you..
You're an infinite presence.

                                                                   -by Santhosh Kumar Kana


hangoni'mgettingthere said...

Sweet. Like a gentle breeze. She sounds quite remarkable, whoever she is :)

hangoni'mgettingthere said...

Like a gentle breeze. She sounds remarkable, whoever she is :)