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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gandhi and our times of India

In these complex times, the easiest to compromise with, is unfortunately, a great ideology. The one who doesn't do so gets isolated or eliminated. That's what the assassination of Gandhi shows. That's why the mysterious death of Rajiv Dixit goes deliberately ignored by media. Those were the days when you knew where the bullet came from. Those were the days of the visible enemy, an unmasked rival. We live in times where bullets come from unseen and unknown guns, aeroplanes disappear, an air crash, a road accident, a poisoned food served royally, a friendly invitation to a lecture and lots more can turn fatal. You disappear and the pernicious arms of power you rival against gains more and more strength. 
                                    --- by Santhosh Kumar Kana


Prassi said...

Well written Sir. I, in fact, came to know about you through one of my friends - parent of one of your students-in Goa. Your writings reflect the sad truth we face in the contemporary world. And you undoubtedly have a good flair for writing. Hope we will get more of such thoughts from you making the society at large introspect.

santhosh kumar kana said...

thanks a lot Prassi. Could you please give me your details?