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Friday, March 4, 2016

The "U"nique

there is a distance tears alone can erase
a feeling distance alone can make you realise

a word silence alone can reveal
a silence words alone can't deal

a pain love alone can give
a love pain alone can feel

you may be far away
there is a presence that belongs to you alone

there is an absence you alone can fill
a word you alone can fathom

there is no moment that can be without you

there is a poem that can't be written
and that is You....

  (M)                    -Santhosh Kumar Kana


Nikitha Thampy said...

sir, really unique n it just touched my heart simply... wonderful poem sir... wonderful

santhosh kumar kana said...

thank you Nikitha

Nikitha Thampy said...

sir may be this is the 7th time i am reading it... i don't know what but it has got a very beautiful meaning and i cant resist myself from reading it... this more than beautiful... its heavenly...

santhosh kumar kana said...

really glad to hear that. thank u so much