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Thursday, July 24, 2014


You know why

You know why I still love you

For the tenderness you have imbibed in your cells
From your childhood
For that which you haven’t shared with anyone
That abstract you in you

Like the petrichor
My love you absorbed in your veins and released in the monsoon of our togetherness 

For your nostalgia, your longings for your childhood
For your bitumen like unseen tenderness and tears
For your gullible goodness

For your tears on my shoulders 
in moments of inexplicable intimacy
For my paternal pats, you on my lap

For the insatiable girl in your voice
The girl curled in the cosy lap of her mother
Your inscrutable loneliness

For the grit in your eyes
when we consecrated love with scandals

I can cup you in my palms like the rain drops, my love.

There’s something that doesn’t go away, dear
Something that doesn’t end
I can’t get over your innocence

If at all I summarise our love

It’s just the intangible that still remains to unfold.
                                  -santhosh kumar kana

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