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Thursday, July 3, 2014


While on my evening walk, a gentle breeze blew
lifting my spirits up
and i felt we were holding hands
I conversed with you
those endearing conversations with you in your absence
sans touch
heavy and intense with love
You came to me like the refreshing breeze on my humid evenings.

This is the alchemy of love

All the crude thoughts of suspicion,
of a lone, pensive lover
turn into gold when you come to me.

How I chirrup in joy when you come into my nest
in the dense where I sit brooding and waiting
Ah!! How you give wings to my spirits
Every cell in me comes alive.

How you lead me into light from the labyrinths of my dark hours
you alone can make me feel alive
Your love alone can light the flame of my soul
in the sanctum of my being.

We can't be two
We are one
Therefore we are.
Love You.......
                                      ----Santhosh Kumar Kana

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