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Thursday, October 3, 2013


They told me
“wipe your tears, be a Man”!!

How’s it to be a Man??

I wake up to your absence
Your lost, leftover like “good morning”
I love my bed though you aren’t there
I can’t wake up to your face
The deep innocence in your eyes makes me weak for you

Holding you in my arms
Cuddling you on my lap
Caressing your locks
Sneaking into its dense
The smell of a primordial innocence.
Baby, can’t we be together without us??

Didn’t I love you like my baby?
Didn’t I nozzle the ageless rear of your neck
Your bare shoulders?
The most romantic moment is the innocence of your nudity
To the washroom after our love

Evening drops its gloom on me
Night’s darkness hides behind the trees like you
Night scares me by your absence
Day scares by your presence
You don’t pass by me
You pass through me like a dagger
I can’t have the days and nights without you
I want to be coiled in the womb of my blanket
Morning cuts the umbilical cord into insane activity.

How’s it to be a Man?
I cherish the moisture of your lips on my manly arms!!

                         ---by Santhosh Kumar Kana


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hangoni'mgettingthere said...

I wish Robert Lowell were alive to read this.