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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


when i look into your eyes
i feel you have been with me
since childhood
we express so much without words
whenever i look into your oceanic eyes
i feel those beautiful moments,
the glories

i want you to love me tender

you don't have the unfamiliarity that waits
for the mercy of words
your eyes go deep into me
like laser
your anatomic eyes
i live among bone and flesh
you see through me
we see through each other

i want you more...
every hug renews me
every kiss awakens me
every touch purifies me
Do you hear me?
when you are around me
everything about you tells me
you love me
and that you are mine

no monuments will i erect for our love
with dead stones and cold marbles
but with my words
that ooze blood
that throb with the warmth
of my love for you
each word will live
like love for ever
with its mysterious magic
its poetic beauty

the monument won't occupy a corner
it's omnipresent
available to lovers
beyond time and space
as long as they read and relish
we will be alive
and omnipresent
                                ---by Santhosh Kumar Kana


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